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The World Economic Forum's (WEF) Annual Meeting of the New Champions, also known as Summer Davos, began in the northern Chinese municipality of Tianjin on Tuesday.


The three-day-forum is themed ‘Creating an innovative society in the fourth industrial revolution’. The concept of the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, embraces automation, data exchange and new manufacturing technologies. It also incorporates the Internet of Things and the Internet of Services.


Around 200 meetings, covering 12 sub-topics, including driving forces for economic growth and the reconstruction of a global value chain, were held between Tuesday and Thursday.


More than 2,000 guests - such as Jack Ma, the founder of China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, and Zhang Yaqin, the president of Baidu, a Chinese multinational technology company - attended. More than 100 countries were represented at the event.


Chinese Premier Li Keqiang addressed the opening ceremony of the forum and also held talks with leaders from countries including Estonia, Latvia, Serbia and Samoa. He also exchanged views with representatives from the fields of industry and commerce, finance and media.



Vocabulary :

Internet of Things  物联网

driving force  驱动力;推动力

value chain  价值链




The 73rd session of the UN General Assembly


The 73rd session of the UN General Assembly opened at the UN headquarters in New York on Tuesday.


The start of the assembly’s annual work cycle was proclaimed by its president Maria Fernanda Espinosa.


Espinosa, who has become the fourth woman elected to the post in 73 years, said she would devote her presidency to gender equality and women’s issues.


According to the UN General Assembly president, the 193 states members of the UN General Assembly will discuss about 330 resolutions during about 100 plenary sessions.


On October 1, the General Assembly’s main committees, tasked with preparing draft resolutions to be adopted during plenary sessions, will begin their work.



the UN General Assembly  联合国大会

gender equality  性别平等

plenary session  全体大会

draft resolution  决议草案




Typhoon Mangkhut

Since super typhoon Mangkhut hit the Philippines early Saturday morning, it has caused extensive damage and killed at least 66 people, with many of the deaths caused by landslides.


The storm is now making its way across mainland China after pummeling Hong Kong, forcing nearly three million people to be moved to safety. After making landfall in China’s most populous province, Guangdong, it killed four before heading west into neighboring Guangxi province late Sunday night.


The storm tore off roofs and scaffolding from skyscrapers, shattered windows, shook high-rise buildings and caused serious flooding in low-lying areas as waves of more than three meters (9.8 feet) lashed the coast.


The storm, which is being called the world’s strongest of the year, is predicted to finally weaken as it continues to move inland through Asia in the days ahead.


Vocabulary :

landslide  n.[地质] 山崩;大胜利v.发生山崩;以压倒优势获胜

make one's way  前进;成功;发迹

pummel  vt. 击;打;用拳头连续揍

make landfall  登上陆地

populous  人口稠密的;人口多的

tear off  撕下;扯掉

scaffolding  脚手架;搭脚手架的材料

low-lying areas  低洼地区

lash  v.鞭打;冲击;摆动;扎捆;煽动;讽刺n.鞭打;睫毛;鞭子;责骂;讽刺



China to impose additional tariffs on U.S. products worth 60 bln USD


China announced on Tuesday it will impose additional tariffs on U.S. products worth 60 billion U.S. dollars starting from Sept. 24 in response to the newly announced U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods.


The Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council unveiled lists of 3,571 items of U.S. products to be subject to additional tariffs of 10 percent, and lists of another 1,636 items to be subject to additional tariffs of 5 percent.


The new tax rates will take effect at 12:01 p.m. Beijing time on Sept. 24, said the commission.


The willful decision of the U.S. government has led to the escalation of trade friction between the two countries. China was forced to take countermeasures in defense of free trade and multilateral system, and its own legitimate rights and interests, the commission said in a statement.


If the U.S. side continues to do so, China will respond in kind, it added.


China has no choice but to respond to the U.S. unilateralism and trade protectionism with tariffs in order to stem the friction from escalating.


China hopes the U.S. side will stop frictions from expanding and jointly safeguard bilateral trade ties with China through equal, honest and pragmatic dialogue, on the basis of mutual respect and mutual benefits, said the statement.


That will also serve to defend the free trade principle and multilateral trade system, and global economic prosperity and development, it said.


The United States, disregarding overwhelming international and domestic opposition, announced to impose additional 10-percent tariffs on 200 billion U.S. dollars worth of Chinese products from Sept. 24 and that it will take other escalating tariff measures.


Vocabulary :

impose tariff  征税

willful decision  一意孤行

take countermeasures  采取应对措施

multilateral system  多边体制

respond in kind  作出相应的反应;以牙还牙;以其人之道还治其人之身

unilateralism  单边主义

multilateralism  多边主义

trade protectionism  贸易保护主义

stem the friction from escalating  遏制贸易摩擦升级




2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference

Chinese leaders, including vice premier Liu He, joined business mogul Jack Ma and executives from Google at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai to support a borderless approach to AI research. He called for foreign investment in the country and pledged to foster “an environment of free thinking” to support development.


“We’re hoping that all countries, as members of the global village, will be inclusive and support each other so that we can respond to the double-edged sword effect of new technologies,” He told attendees through a translator. “AI represents a new era. Cross-national and cross-discipline cooperation is inevitable.”


The comments echoed those of President Xi Jinping, who said in a letter to the conference that China was willing to share the benefits of AI with other countries.


The summit was used by several US companies to show off their dedication to developing AI in China. Microsoft Research Asia and Amazon Web Services both announced new labs in Shanghai, while Google’s Jay Yagnik showed off slides of the company’s AI activities in the country. The search giant, a unit of Alphabet Inc., is a key sponsor of the event.

几家美国公司在这次峰会上展示了他们在中国发展人工智能的决心。微软亚洲研究院和亚马逊网络服务公司都宣布在上海成立了新实验室;谷歌的杰伊·亚尼克通过幻灯片展示了该公司在中国进行人工智能研发的情况。搜索巨头谷歌是 Alphabet 旗下的子公司,也是此次活动的主要赞助商。


mogul  n.有权势的人;显要人物

foster  v.培养;养育,抚育;抱(希望等)  adj.收养的,养育的

double-edged sword  双刃剑

slide  n.滑动;幻灯片;滑梯;雪崩  vt.滑动;使滑动;悄悄地迅速放置  vi. 滑动;滑落;不知不觉